Decade FM Series Transmitters


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Decade FM 850 Stereo/Mono Series Transmitter
PN: FM850


The Decade FM850 (stereo/mono) are professional grade FM transmitters operating in the commercial FM band (87.9 - 107.9 MHz). They are perfect for small community radio stations, campus radio stations, Drive-In Theaters, religious radio stations, special events coverage, tourist sites, large stadiums, factories, etc. They can also be used as an FM exciter to drive an RF power amplifier to obtain a greater RF power level.
Their outstanding RF and audio performances, ruggedness, reliability, versatility, ease of use and increased RF power level make the Decade FM850 a top-of-the-line FM transmitter series.
FCC Part 73 and Industry Canada BETS-6 & RSS-123 Certified. FCC ID: MCHFM-800.
*Import Duties & Taxes may apply
2 Year Limited Warranty
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