Andrew APG Surge Suppressor


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Andrew APG-BNFNF-350 Gas Surge Suppressor
Replacement 350 Volt Gas Tube For APG


Andrews' APG-BNFNF-350 gas surge suppressor/lightning arrestor is a one-piece surge arrestor/connector delivering premium lightning protection in a single component that is completely soldered to seal in performance and seal out the elements. Andrews' APG-BNFNF-350 gas surge suppressor assemblies include bulkhead mounting that will fit into your base-station cabinet or in building applications.
Andrews' APG-BNFNF-350 gas surge suppressor offers broadband performance from 0-2500 MHz and excellent electrical characteristics.
Andrews' APG-BNFNF-350 gas surge suppressor plus replaceable gas tube are easy to install and feature a dc pass capability through the center conductor to power tower-top electronics. The unit's removable cap makes periodic maintenance fast and easy. Handles up to 400 Watts.