DEVA Broadcast Radio Explorer II

DEVA Broadcast Radio Explorer II

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The DEVA Radio Explorer II is a full-featured device designed to cater for all market requirements. This easy for use mobile tool evaluates the
FM broadcast band congestion and stores all important radio broadcast parameters in a Log file. The built-in FTP system allows downloading and managing of the files through DEVA Device Manager Software. The fully DSP- based FM radio frontend tuner utilizes the latest technologies in the DSP processing of the FM signal.

The Dual DSP-based, compact and affordable DEVA Radio Explorer II is a product of highly valued performance. This device is the perfect
solution for field surveys and on site monitoring of station complete signal. With just a click on the button, DEVA Radio Explorer turns into an
excellent tool for analyzing of the signal strength and quality after repairs or set-up of new equipment. This cost-effective device can measure RF level, MPX deviation, Left & Right Audio levels, RF field strength, RDS and Pilot injection levels. All measurements are visualized on easy to read OLED Graphical display.

Designed for signal surveillance on the field where the listeners are, all that is needed is a vehicle and DEVA Radio Explorer II. There are two
campaign modes:

1. DEVA Radio Explorer II can be set to measure automatically one or
    multiple preselected frequencies (Up to 50)
2. RDS PI / RBDS Call campaign – up to 10 stations can be chosen.
    DEVA Radio Explorer II will automatically detect the used frequency.
    While the campaign is running, the chosen stations will be monitored; 
    DEVA Radio Explorer II will automatically switch between the variable
    frequencies during movement - just as the car radio of your listeners.
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