DEVA Broadcast DB4005 SDR-Based FM Radio Modulation Analyzer and Monitoring Receiver

DEVA Broadcast DB4005 SDR-Based FM Radio Modulation Analyzer and Monitoring Receiver
PN: DB4005

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DB4005 is DEVA Broadcast's third-generation digital FM Radio modulation analyzer and receiver, the result of long years of experience and a desire to always provide intelligent near-perfect solutions, while keeping pace with the very latest technological developments and trends.

With this product, upon demodulation of the FM signal, the RF signal is digitalized by the SDR FM tuner and all signal processing is achieved through sophisticated DSP algorithms. The high precision of the powerful digital filters used in this equipment enables the FM signal to be accurately and repeatedly analyzed with each device. An important asset to the DB4005 is the MPX input, which allows you to monitor external composite signals, regardless of whether they are from a composite STL receiver/stereo FM encoder, or from an off-air source. As this is a tool of great processing power, it provides detailed readings of all the multiplex FM signal components, while all measurements are refreshed simultaneously and synchronously.

Another useful feature of the DB4005 is the Loudness Meter, which allows for measurements to be shown as defined by ITU BS.1770-4 and EBU R128 recommendations, as the product supports both standards. The DB4005 has an easy to read, high-resolution OLED graphical display and ultra-bright bargraph LED 60 segment indicators that allow reading the main signal parameters at a glance. The built-in oscilloscope represents the observed signal change over time and helps you visualize the most important signals participating in the process of demodulating and stereo decoding. Complementing the Oscilloscope mode, the Spectrum analyzer mode allows for spectral analysis of the input signal. Spectral components of the selected signal are determined on the basis of Fast Fourier Transform. MPX Power and all other level measurements are supported by measurement history data. Additionally, RDS information contained in the processed MPX signal is easily visualized and represented as RDS/RBDS Data and detailed RDS/RBDS Statistics.

Main Features:
• FM Band 65 ÷ 108 MHz Basic Spectrum Analyzer
• Dual antenna ports with built-in RF attenuator
• Up to 100 dBµV direct RF Antenna Input
• Selectable wide range IF filter bandwidth
• Built-in input for external MPX analysis
• Fully DSP-based core
• Built-in Loudness Analyzer
• Bright, accurate bar graph LED metering of the Modulation and Pilot Levels
• Total and independent Positive and Negative deviation bar graph
• Left, Right, L+R, L-R bar graph LED audio level meters
• Wide angle, easy to read OLED display
• Very Intuitive Navigational Menu
• Built-in Oscilloscope for IF, MPX, Pilot, RDS, Left & Right display
• Levels measurement with data history
• Spectrum analyzer allowing checking of the RF Carrier and MPX
• Selectable De-emphasis - Off, 50µs and 75µs
• Quick Station access via 4 Presets
• Built-in Stereo Decoder
• Real Time Audio Program Streaming
• Remote Listening via optional GSM modem
• Built-in 50 channel Data logger
• Built-in WEB and FTP server
• Easy to use WEB interface
• Apple and Android devices support
• SNTP for automatic synchronization of the built-in clock
• RDS and RBDS decoder with BER meter
• Alarm dispatch via E-mail, SMS, SNMP and GPO
• Complete status reporting with SMS via optional GSM modem
• Protected access to the device settings
• Level Adjustable, Balanced Analog Audio Outputs on XLR Connectors
• Professional AES/EBU, SPDIF and Optical Digital audio outputs
• LAN port for full TCP/IP remote control and monitoring
• Adjustable MIN/MAX alarms for RF, Pilot Left & Right Audio Levels
• Adjustable MIN/MAX alarms for MPX, MPX Power & RDS
• USB communication interface for local connectivity
• Headphone output with front panel level control
• Firmware updates will ensure improved operation
• Accurate front-panel metering for local use
• Restore Factory Parameters option
• Easy Installation and Setup

RF Input:
• Tuning Range: User selectable, 87.1-108 MHz (CCIR), 65-74 MHz (OIRT), 76-95 MHz (Japan)
• Tuning Step: 10, 20, 50, 100 kHz
• Tuner Sensitivity: 30 dBµV
• Antenna Ports: Dual, 2 x BNC Connectors, 50Ω
• Antenna Ports Isolation: > 40 dB
• Internal Attenuator: 0, 10, 20 and 30 dB
• Dynamic range: 100 dB
FM Demod:
• IF Filter Bandwindth: 15 Increments (27kHz - 157kHz, Auto)
• Frequency Response: ±0.1 dB, 10 Hz to 86 kHz
• MPX Power: ±12 dBr, 20 sec. integration
• Dynamic range: 90 dB