OMB COMLIM-20 Stereo Encoder/Limiter with RDS

OMB COMLIM-20 Stereo Encoder/Limiter with RDS
PN: CL20

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The OMB COMLIM 20 audio processor is the combination of a professional digital stereo generator (with more than 60dB per channel separation) and a high dynamic range adjustable limiter, with a stop band rejection of greater than 90dB above 75KHz. The OMB COMLIM 20 offers a host of advanced features such as a 4-band equalizer and optional digital audio inputs and is a very useful tool in any radio broadcast studio.
The OMB COMLIM 20 also includes a built-in RDS/RBDS digital encoder! Programming and control is done via front panel LCD display. You won't regret buying this processor.
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