ARC-MIC-PRE Microphone Pre-Amplifier Module


How to purchase:

ARC-MIC-PRE Microphone Pre-Amplifier Module
ARC 48 Volt Phantom Power Supply


Something we hear all too often is "how can I add more mic channels to my mixing board?". Or "I like my mixer but need two more mic channels" The ARC-MIC-PRE is your new answer!
We are very excited to introduce a new product to our lineup, the ARC-MIC-PRE. It is a two output mic pre-amp at an extremely competitive price point of $150 list price. It is also extremely easy to setup. Simply connect your microphones to the front, and then connect an RJ45 ethernet cable directly from the rear of the ARC-MIC-PRE to the line input on the console. This is excellent for ARC series consoles, or any other manufacturer. All ARC-MIC-PRE units will be calibrated at the factory. But the user may make adjustments via the trimpots as well.
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you would like to use condenser microphones, you may purchase the optional ARC-48V power supply to add phantom power to the ARCMIC.