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Barix RetailPlayer Background Music

Barix RetailPlayer Background Music

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Barix RetailPlayer is network managed streaming receiver solution consisting of a compact Barix audio decoder and a cloud or server based portal for multiple device and client management.

The Barix RetailPlayer is a cost effective multi-site internet audio streaming player system with centralized management. It consists of a management platform that is either a cloud service or can be self hosted and the new compact Barix RetailPlayer decoder. It features an Ethernet port, stereo audio interface and supports decoding of AAC+ and MP3 streams. The solution supports remote management that includes channel lists, volume, firmware update, and user access. Smart stream buffering avoids dropouts and guarantees continuous music playout. Channel lists can be configured in the Barix RetailPlayer management portal which allows to manage players by customer group (brands). A control APP can be paired to the devices to allow channel and
volume control by authorized users (using a QR code for identification). Advanced technology and high security focus make the Barix RetailPlayer the right solution, even for security sensitive environments such as banks.

• Background music distribution to retail outlets, hospitals, gyms and restaurants
• Radio distribution system with central management
• Corporate audio streaming solution

• High quality audio DAC
• Long lasting ultra robust Barix Hardware
• Encrypted communications for highest level security
• Device remote control with QR code
• Online RetailPlayer status monitoring
• Remote configuration and management
• Remote firmware update

Technical Specifications
User Interface
• Browser based web interface
• Recessed reset button, and status LEDs
RJ45 100Mbit Ethernet Interface
• IPv4, IPv6 capable
• 10/100, full/half duplex, auto negotiation
External Power Supply included
• 5VDC +/- 5%
• 10Watt
• 2.1mm barrel connector
USB Port
• for Memory or I/O (future extensions)
Decoding Formats
• MP2, MP3, AAC+ LC and HE
• Stream playback from URL, m3u playlist or customer user agent
Audio output
• Prosumer level (0dBm) audio output on 3.5mm gold plated connector with optional cable supervision

Limited 2 Year Warranty


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