Inovonics 662 INOmini DAB/DAB+ SiteStreamer™

Inovonics 662 INOmini DAB/DAB+ SiteStreamer™
PN: 662

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The Web-enabled Inovonics 662 DAB+ SiteStreamer™ provides remote audio monitoring via the Internet. Monitor up to 30 preset sources of DAB+ programming from a remote site over the Internet. Tune-in, switch modes, listen remotely via streamed audio, and receive email or text alarms & notifications. The Station Rotation™ feature permits monitoring of station presets by ‘round robin’ sequencing of up to 30 stations - each with its specific alarm parameters.

The compact 1/3-rack-size Inovonics 662 integrates with other Inovonics INOmini products, including RDS encoders and decoders, AM/FM/HD-Radio confidence monitors with IP control and streaming audio, and other economic problem-solvers for broadcasters.

Special prices are available for INOmini RackPack™ combos that include three INOmini units preinstalled in the Rack Shelf.


Made in the USA
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