Inovonics 236 Novia AM Audio Processor Analog

Inovonics 236 Novia AM Audio Processor Analog
PN: 236

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Inovonics’ NOVIA 236 is a compact and versatile airchain processor for monaural AM broadcasting. A wide range of transmission bandwidth choices and audio processing options makes the NOVIA 236 well suited to standard medium wave, shortwave and specialized AM broadcast services. The Inovonics NOVIA 236 features gain-riding AGC, leveling, parametric EQ, 3-band dynamic range compression, and asymmetrical wideband and independent high-frequency final limiting. Programmable from the front panel or through its cross-platform Web interface, the NOVIA 236 also supports 2-way program streaming and SNMP.

Product Features

  • Comprehensive audio processing with factory and user presets; internal scheduler for dayparting
  • Accepts analog, AES-digital and streaming program inputs
  • Analog and AES-digital outputs; out-streams source and processed audio for remote monitoring
  • Failover feature can switch to an alternate program feed when primary audio is lost
  • Easy setup using the OLED screen and jog-wheel navigation of the processor’s menu tree
  • Full-function Web interface works with any browser
  • Self-logging alarms for audio loss; alarm ‘tally’ for remote indication; dispatches email or text message alerts
  • Accurate front-panel LED metering; all processing functions metered with OLED display and Web interface
Made in the USA
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