Barix Annuncicom 1000

Barix Annuncicom 1000
PN: AN1000

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Barix Annuncicom 1000 is used in network intercom and PA device for transmission of high quality audio, alarm messages, contact closures and serial data over the network, for paging / intercom applications in residential, commercial and public buildings, e.g. airports, shopping malls and remote facilities such as store chains.
Main Features:
  • Balanced audio, 8 supervised contact closure inputs, 8 relay outputs
  • 2 serial interfaces (RS232 and RS485, professional grade balanced audio inputs and outputs)
  • Dual redundant 24/48V capable power inputs
  • Standard protocols UDP, TCP, SIP and RTP
  • Supports VoIP and MP3 audio codecs,
Incorporates an integrated web server for control and configuration. Works in combination with other Barix Annuncicoms as an autonomous IP intercom, IP paging system or can be used by itself with a PC controlled solution 10/100 Mbit/s ethernet connection.
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