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ACC Part 15 FM TV Sound Transmitters (Analog)


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Mono ACC100 FM Transmitter in Enclosure
PN: ACC100
Stereo ACC100S FM Transmitter with Limiter


The ACC100 silent TV sound transmitter is a television sound transmitter and FCC part 15 Certified mono FM transmitter (FCC ID: MBMACC100). Made in the USA
The ACC100S FM transmitter is a stereo version "silent TV" sound transmitter with a built in compressor / limiter for perfect audio levels and outstanding stereo separation. 
Covers an area of over 30,000 Square Feet! Both ACC100 FM transmitters include a fixed wire antenna assembled in an enclosure, T2 power supply and complete operating instructions. NOW WITH VOLUME CONTROL!
  • Perfect for use in Health Clubs or Correctional Institutions as a television sound transmitter where listening to multiple TV sets at the same time with privacy is required.
  • Also perfect for ADA Compliance for ALS Assistive Listening System requirements in public spaces
  • Even churches and houses of worship can benifit from these devices
  • Use the ACC100DS when high quality stereo sound is required
*Quantity pricing is available
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