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Telewave FM BandPass Cavity Filter


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TWPC-1005-1 350W Single BandPass Filter, N-Type
TWPC-1005-2 350W Dual BandPass Filter, N-Type


The Telewave TWPC-1005-1 & TWPC-1005-2 are 5" diameter, 1/4-wavelength, high "Q" bandpass cavity filters with superior selectivity. Bandpass cavities reject all frequencies outside a narrow pass band. These cavities reduce transmitter sideband noise, and also protect receivers against desensitization. TWPC-1005 cavities cover 88-108 MHz, and can be tuned at 50 or 75 ohms upon request. All cavities are tuned to specified frequencies prior to shipping, and no further adjustments should be required. The positive locking mechanism allows for quick field retuning if frequency changes become necessary. These cavities feature calibrated adjustable coupling, and insertion loss can be easily set from 0.5 dB to 2 dB or more to improve selectivity. This allows cavity response to be optimized for any operating environment.
At densely populated sites, the TWPC-1005-2 dual cavity filter provides greater selectivity with minimum insertion loss. Multiple cavities can also provide a wider passband when required. Mounting rails are provided for all multiple-cavity filters. Excellent frequency stability is achieved by the use of a specially machined compensator and Invar rod. The pass frequency is temperature stable from -30°C to +70°C. Telewave Ground Loop technology places the center conductor of each coupling loop at DC ground potential for lightning protection and noise reduction. Heavy duty materials are used throughout each cavity to insure high performance and long life. Cavity top plates are machined from 1/4-inch aluminum, and are heliarc welded to the cavity body at the high current point for improved conductivity and strength. This allows Telewave cavities to handle up to 350 watts, depending on insertion loss. In/Out are Type-N connectors.
Rigid foam inserts support the tuner assembly allowing vertical or horizontal mounting. Similar metals and alodined aluminum help prevent galvanic corrosion. Silver plated tuners and beryllium copper finger stock provide noncorrosive low loss contact, and ensure reliable, long-term performance.
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