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OMB 500 Watt RF Power Amplifier

OMB 500 Watt RF Power Amplifier
PN: AM500

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These AM500 RF power amplifiers from OMB America are big on performance and technology! They are completely solid state and wideband RF power amplifiers requiring only 7 watts drive for full output. OMB AM500 RF power amplifiers need no frequency adjustment across a bandwidth of 85 to 110 MHz within + 1 dB. They operate with such great stability that one can not observe a variation in the output parameters during the lifetime of the system.
FCC Type Certified ID: KEUOMBAMPAM500
OMB AM500 RF output is protected against high SWR, over temperature, and excessive input levels with front panel LED indicators of the anomaly. The OMB AM500 automatic shutdown circuitry tries several re-starts before total system shutdown. All OMB RF power amplifiers incorporate an elegant yet tough power supply which is comprised of easily accessible replacement parts. The OMB AM500 front panel meter provides readout of forward/reverse power and SWR and utilizes forced air cooling. Also, includes a built in low pass filter
Includes A One Year Warranty