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Norwalk NWE34 Dominator FM Antenna


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1KW Dominator FM Antenna +3dB Gain (N-Type)
1KW Dominator FM Antenna +3dB Gain (SO-239)
3KW Dominator FM Ant with +3dB (7/16" DIN)
USED 3KW Dominator FM Ant with +3dB (7/16" DIN)


The original Norwalk NWE-34 Dominator Antenna for FM Broadcasting. Progressive Concepts stands behind the Original Norwalk NWE34 Dominator antennas with a great guarantee. Try the genuine Norwalk NWE34 Dominator FM broadcast antenna risk free for 30 days and if for any reason you are not satisfied just send it back for a full refund (less shipping).
The original Norwalk NWE34 Dominator FM Broadcast Antenna specifications: Wavelength: 3/4 wavelength. Approximate height is 9 feet (depends on frequency). Frequency Range: 87.50 - 108 MHz (Tunable). Gain over half wave dipole is about +3dB (+5.15dBi). Power handling capacity is 1KW on the standard model with your choice of Teflon "N" connector or SO-239. The Norwalk NWE34D handles 3KW with 7/16" DIN Connector. Bandwidth is 5 MHz with a perfect 1:1 SWR at the center tuned frequency. Wind survival is greater than 100 MPH. Wind load is .7 square feet. Weight is 8 pounds. Radiation pattern is low angle (aprox. 14 degrees) omni with vertical polarization. Antenna is DC grounded for excellent lightning protection.
Note: These antennas can be factory tuned to your frequency. Select TUNE and specify frequency in "Notes" on order form.
These antennas include a Full 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty
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