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CD95Y Comet Broadband Directional Antenna

CD95Y Comet Broadband Directional Antenna

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The Comet CD95Y FM Yagi broadcast antenna from Creative Design provides 6dB of forward gain in a highly directional pattern with a 20 MHz bandwidth. That means NO-TUNING is required from 87.50-108MHz on this CD95Y antenna. Typical SWR of the Comet CD95Y antenna for FM broadcasting is <1.5:1 across the band.
The Comet CD95Y antenna handles up to 500 watts. The CD95Y antenna can be mounted horizontally or vertically. The Comet CD95Y Yagi FM broadcast antenna provides a front to back ratio of >15dB! The CD95Y antenna has +6dB in the forward direction. The Comet CD95Y FM broadcast antenna employs DC grounding for superior lightning protection.
The CD95Y antenna is constructed of high grade aluminum for excellent weather resistance. The Comet CD95Y broadband Yagi antenna comes with N-Type RF connector and mounting hardware.
Includes A One Year Warranty!
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