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Inovonics 261 Digital Utility Processor (Rev 2)

Inovonics 261 Digital Utility Processor (Rev 2)
PN: 261

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Inovonics 261 digital utility processor now has Rev. 2 firmware, the 261 utility processor becomes an all-inclusive system for general audio normalization and FM-airchain use. Inovonics 261 pre-emphasis protection limiting (with Rev. 2 firmware) is ideal for LPFM! It combines the functions of gated, gain-riding AGC, dynamic range compression and independent broadband and high-frequency program peak limiting.
The Inovonics 261 processing functions may be selected separately or combined for comprehensive program audio control. Menu-driven DSP architecture ensures easy setup and unobtrusive operation. The Inovonics 261has AES-digital and L/R analog inputs; digital and analog outputs are available simultaneously. Operating voltage range: 105-120V or 220-250V AC.
*Includes power cable and bound paper manual
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