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Orban Optimod DAB 6300 Sound Processor

Orban Optimod DAB 6300 Sound Processor
PN: 6300

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Orban’s all-digital Optimod 6300 Audio Processor can help you achieve the highest possible quality digital audio broadcast, digital television, and netcast audio processing. Thanks to versatile signal routing, the 6300 can also serve as a studio AGC with an all-digital signal path, and simultaneously as a talent headphone processor.

Because all processing is performed by high-speed mathematical calculations within digital signal processing (DSP) chips, Orban's 6300's processing has cleanliness, quality, and stability over time and temperature that is unmatched by analog processors.

Orban's 6300 is Dialnorm-aware. The two digital outputs can have independent Dial- norm settings. Loudness control is excellent when measured by the ITU BS.1770-4 standard or by the 6300’s built-in CBS Loudness Meters.


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