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Orban Optimod 8600Si HD-FM Audio Processor

Orban Optimod 8600Si HD-FM Audio Processor
PN: 8600S

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The 8600S/HD simultaneously processes for analog FM and digital channels like the iBiquityTM HD RadioTM system, DAB, DRM, or netcasts. The 8600S/HD’s HD output provides look-ahead peak limiting that is optimized to make the most of limited bit- rate codecs used in many digital radio systems. By eschewing any clipping, the HD output prevents the codec from wasting precious bits encoding clipping distortion products, allowing the codec to use its entire bit budget to encode the desired pro- gram material.

Thanks to a base sample rate of 64 kHz throughout the 8600S/HD’s processing, the HD output can be set for audio bandwidths between 15 and 20 kHz. Many codecs operate better when fed 15 kHz audio because this enables them to use their avail- able bit bandwidth most efficiently by concentrating on the part of the audio spec- trum that is critical to perceived audio quality. This is particularly true for low rates, like 32 kbps. However, at higher sample rates, full 20 kHz bandwidth provides the same bandwidth as typical source material, so you may prefer to use it for rates of 96 kbps and above.

OPTIMOD-FM 8600S/FM is the same as the 8600S/HD except that it does not provide digital radio processing. The 8600S/FM can be upgraded to an 8600S/HD in the field via the 8600SUPG/HD upgrade kit, which can be purchased from your Orban dealer. It is unnecessary to remove the 8600S/FM from the rack when performing the up- grade.


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Opens with: Adobe Acrobat