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Orban Optimod 8700i Digital FM MPX Sound Processor

Orban Optimod 8700i Digital FM MPX Sound Processor
PN: 8700

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Orban's 8700’s main goal is to make FM analog broadcasts more competitive with the cleanliness, punch, and open high frequencies of the digital media against which FM analog transmissions now battle. The FM loudness wars represent 20th century thinking; in the 21st century, the new competition is digital media. Thanks to its crisp, punchy sound, the 8700 helps level the playing field between analog FM and its ever more aggressive digital-only competitors.

Orban's 8700 offers 8500-style processing presets too. Because the input/output delay of the MX peak limiter is too long to permit talent to monitor off-air on headphones, 8500-style is useful for remotes and outside broadcasts where off-air headphone monitoring is desired and the 8700’s low-delay monitor output cannot be brought to the talent.

In addition to subharmonic synthesis and phase skew correction, Orban's 8700 provides stereo enhancement, HF enhancement, equalization, AGC, multiband compression, low-IM peak limiting, stereo encoding, and composite limiting — everything that even the most competitive major market station needs to stand out on the dial.

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