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Henry Engineering D2A Digital Converter

Henry Engineering D2A Digital Converter

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The Henry Engineering AES D2A Digital Converter is a 24-bit high resolution digital-to-analog audio interface. It converts an AES-3 digital audio stream at up to 192 kHz to professional stereo analog outputs. The unit also includes a Headphone amplifier for critical monitoring with headphones.

The Henry Engineering D2A Digital Converter is designed for professional applications, e.g., broadcast stations, recording studios, performance venues. The Henry Engineering AES digital input is transformer isolated to prevent ground loops, hum, and noise. The Henry Engineering D2A auto-locks to standard sample rates from 32 to 192 kHz and features exceptionally low-jitter clock recovery. It utilizes a fourth-order multibit deltasigma modulator with ultra-linear L/C low-pass output filtering. This edge of-the-art circuitry yields audiophile-grade performance with direct-coupled balanced outputs for professional connectivity. The XLR outputs are calibrated so that -20 dBfs produces an analog output level of +4 dBu with over 22db of headroom. Front panel trimmers are provided for accurate calibration of output levels. A Lock LED confirms a valid AES input signal.

The Henry Engineering D2A Digital Converter also features a high performance Headphone Amplifier with volume control and ¼” stereo headphone jack. The Headphone output is buffered from the main Line outputs, and utilizes circuitry identical to the Line outputs to ensure accurate monitoring.

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