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Arrakis Systems New-Wave Lite Assist

Arrakis Systems New-Wave Lite Assist


Arrakis Systems New-Wave Lite Assist is a Windows PC based software solution for today‘s and tomorrow’s professional radio applications. Not just a ‘Hot Key’ or ‘Multideck Cart Machine’ software product, it does both in a single package. Arrakis New-Wave Lite is the perfect software for live assistance.
Arrakis New-Wave Lite offers thousands of audio files that can be assigned to the ‘Hot Keys’ and three hot keys can be played at once. Any number and size of play lists can be saved for playback in the ‘play list player’ which supports cart rotations, start-kill dates and overlapping segues. It plays and records uncompressed wav, MP2*, and MP3* audio file formats. Use Arrakis New-Wave Lite to play a live program while recording it for later playback.
Designed for both novice and professional alike, it has the simplicity required to get to air quickly and yet the sophisticated features for advanced users. Arrakis New-Wave Lite supports Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.
Also, if connected to an Arrakis console, the ARC Series, the console and software merge to complete a powerfully integrated radio workstation.
  • 001 - 50's 60's Rock 'N' Roll 
  • 002 - 40's 50's 60's Hits
  • 003 - 60's Rock 
  • 004 - 60's 70's Country Hits
  • 005 - 70's Top Hits 
  • 006 - 70's Rock 
  • 007 - 80's Country
  • 008 - 80's CHR & AC  
  • 009 - 80's Pop  
  • 010 - 90-95 Pop
  • 011 - 90-95 Country  
  • 012 - Christmas
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