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WX250 Rack-Mount NOAA Weather Radio Receiver

WX250 Rack-Mount NOAA Weather Radio Receiver
PN: WX250

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The WX-250 monitors the NOAA Weather Radio Network which broadcasts continuous National Weather Service information, warnings, watches, forecasts and other hazard information 24 hours a day. This network operates over 800 stations in the continental United States, adjacent coastal waters, Puerto Rico & the Virgin Islands. Along with the routine weather, hazard, and other information the NOAA Weather Radio Network also includes specialized signals designed to alert residents in specific areas about special warnings. By broadcasting these signals, known as SAME (Specific Area Message Encoding), residents can tune in and learn of problems in their own geographical area.
Perfect for use with any EAS warning encoder/decoder. Simply enable the audio output on pin 11 of the rear panel connector and connect it to your EAS decoder's audio input.
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