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Inovonics 719 DAVID IV FM/HD Audio Processor

Inovonics 719 DAVID IV FM/HD Audio Processor
PN: 719

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The Inovonics 719 DAVID IV processor includes 5 bands of dynamics compression with equalization, intelligent gain-riding AGC (Automatic Gain Control), Bass and Stereo Field Enhancements, and Inovonics' proprietary PIPP™ (Polarity Independent Peak Processing) limiter. The Inovonics DAVID IV 719 combines a remarkably clean sound with a premium FM Stereo Generator that also includes internal metering with combining for the RDS (Radio Data System) subcarrier.

Presets are provided for popular world formats, and user settings can easily be saved/backed up and shared over station networks. TCP/IP connectivity is virtually automatic and allows full remote control and access from anywhere in the world.

The Inovonics 719 DAVID IV features a rugged closed box design (no fans or heat-sinks needed), with ultra low latency hardware allowing for direct off-air monitoring, and power to live audio in less than 1 second.

Made in the USA
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