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Behringer DDM4000 Digital DJ Mixer

Behringer DDM4000 Digital DJ Mixer


The Behringer DDM4000 is a state-of-the-art, 32-bit digital DJ mixer is jam-packed with creative tools, yet its intuitive layout lets you feel at home in an instant. Editing, storing, and recalling your settings with this Behringer DDM4000 mixer is simply a breeze!
The Behringer DDM4000 digital mixer hooks up your turntables and CD/MP3 players to the pro mixer's 4 stereo channels, each with fully programmable EQ and Kill switches. Put ultimate versatility at your fingertips with fully programmable beat-sync'able multi-FX modules, a pair of high-precision BPM counters and a digital cross fader with custom curve adjustment. The Behringer DDM4000 has super-cool BPM-sync'd sampler with real-time pitch control, loop, and reverse functions.
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