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Behringer B2031A TRUTH High Resolution Reference Studio Monitor

Behringer B2031A TRUTH High Resolution Reference Studio Monitor
PN: B2031

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BEHRINGER Truth has one of the best high-resolution active studio monitors available. It is a tool that reproduces your program material with highest fidelity and balance, positioning sound sources accurately on the stereo basis.

The BEHRINGER Truth features two separate amplifiers for bass and high frequencies, sporting loads of power reserve. On the bass end, a long-excursion woofer embedded in a sturdy cast-aluminum casing springs into action. The scope is broadened downward by using a special bass reflex system. In the upper frequency range, a specially developed dome tweeter provides for subtle signal reproduction. The chassis and the amplifiers are protected from overload using a sophisticated circuitry. The speakers are magnetically shielded, so you can use your BEHRINGER TRUTH near computer monitors or TV sets. The audio signal is separated using an active crossover that guarantees accurate frequency separation and perfect tuning of both speakers among each other.


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