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Arrakis Simple IP8 AoIP


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Arrakis Simple IP8 AoIP Analog
Arrakis Simple IP8 AoIP Digital


Do you have two studios you want to connect?
With Arrakis Simple IP, you connect your audio equipment to one of Arrakis's Simple IP boxes. These boxes have 8 in by 8 out mono connections. Allowing you to connect up to 8 audio channels in and out. Or you may do 4 in and out, if you want to use stereo.
Arrakis Simple IP works with any Arrakis ARC or MARC series consoles. Using RJ45 inputs and outputs, you can quickly and easily connect any Arrakis boards to Simple IP in seconds. Connect other hardware or consoles you have with no problem. Simply connect your hardware to Arrakis Simple IP via the RJ45 inputs and outputs.
When you see the AES67 logo, you can know that that IP console or hardware will send audio to another AES67 device without difficulty. Arrakis Simple IP is AES67 compliant. Using the Dante standard, this device can send and receive audio to any other AES67 device. Whether that is a console, switcher or other compliant piece of hardware.
Once connected to your network, the Dante Controller Interface will automatically detect each Arrakis Simple IP connection within seconds. Dante will work with any Ethernet switch. Simply connect Arrakis Simple IP to your network switch and Dante will auto-detect any Dante device. Dante audio channels can be configured as unicast or multicast as appropriate, to make best use of available bandwidth. Unicast provides a direct point-to-point stream for unique channels; multicast sends an audio stream to multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Sample Bit Depth - 16, 24, 32 bits per sample
  • Sample Rates - 44.1 / 48/88.2 / 96 / 176.4 / 192kHz
  • Ethernet - 100Mbps & 1000Mbps
  • Audio Transport Format - Dante Audio over IP, AES67 RTP
Analog Performance
  • Cirrus Logic 24 bit
  • 192kHz Stereo Audio Codecs
  • 114dB range
  • (-)100dB THD+N
  • RJ45
Digital Performance
  • AES 3
  • Transformer isolated
  • XLR
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