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Arrakis MARC15 Mixing Console


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MARC15 Pro 8 Channel Mixing Console MARC1508
PN: MARC1508
MARC15 Pro 12 Channel Mixing Console MARC1512
PN: MARC1512
MARC15 Pro 15 Channel Mixing Console MARC1515
PN: MARC1515
MARC15 Optional Studio Monitor Module MARCSTM


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The Arrakis MARC15 mixing console is a feature laden, professional analog console that is perfect for on air radio, production, and news applications. The modular design of the Arrakis MARC15 console allows the console to be configured exactly to the studio's needs and to be easily serviced. The 15 channels with up to 30 source inputs meets even the largest studio's needs. Three output buses easily handles on air, background production, and a third mix for the most complex shows. The mainframe supports up to 2 phone modules for two simultaneous callers. The Arrakis MARC15 console even features a PC USB input module so that the console can play from and record to a Windows PC in digital. Includes phantom power for all mic inputs.
The Arrakis MARC15's optional studio monitor module facilitates control room-talk studio applications. This console installs fast and easy with the attractive low profile tabletop design and the RJ45 terminated cables that come included with the console.
Works on 110-220VAC for worldwide power compatibility
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