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Arrakis ARC Talk Blue Mixing Console

Arrakis ARC Talk Blue Mixing Console

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Powerful, compact, portable, and not needing a phone hybrid to take incoming calls, the ARC-Talk-Blue is ideal for talk studios or remotes that require a mic mixer with telephone caller interface. The revolutionary console features 5 high quality mic channels plus phantom power. Channels 6& 7 on the console can be paired to any Bluetooth enabled audio device, such as your cell phone, MP3 player or MP3 recorder-editor.

Main Features:

  • 5 high performance mic channels, perfect for a guest/host configuration
  • High performance mic channels, with XLR inputs
  • High performance mic preamps
  • 48 VDC phantom power (Additional $69)
  • Channel 1 & 2 feature a talk button to talk to Bluetooth
  • LED illuminated switch lamps
  • 1 Input allowing you to connect another external device
  • A / B input on channel 5 gives you the ability to either connect a mic or a line input
  • Active balanced RJ-45 or unbalanced RCA comes standard on every ARC-8
  • 1 stereo output bus. Both balanced and unbalanced outputs
  • LED illuminated switch lamps
  • Play & Record in digital with Windows PC or Mac
  • USB sound card functionality works with any software
  • Simple connect using standard USB cable
  • Play audio from your USB device directly onto your board
  • Record audio from your board using any 3rd party software
  • The Bluetooth channels allow you to connect any Bluetooth enabled device to channel 6 & 7 on the board
  • Connect your phone using the Bluetooth channels to take calls and put callers on-air
  • Conference calls - Use the two Bluetooth channels and either put only one caller on-air or conference call both lines at the same time
  • Use a landline with your Bluetooth channels - Connect any landline phone system that has the Bluetooth headset option. (This is excellent for any location that does not have quality cell service)