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Arrakis APEX Automation Software


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Arrakis APEX is the ultimate solution for any radio station. Whether you are a small Internet station, or a large multi-station group, APEX has all you need, for an extremely affordable price. Arrakis APEX automation gives you the best live assist experience possible. Giving your DJ's the tools necessary to create a powerful and dynamic show.

The Arrakis APEX live (on-air) screen gives you complete control of how it looks. Resize and map any module to your exact preference, then save your user profile. Create an unlimited amount of user profiles, so everyone can have their own look and feel. Or choose from the common preset layouts for an unparalleled feel.

The Arrakis APEX has the Harmony Quad Sound Card so your DJ can play 3 different audio files on three different faders on your console. This allows them to lower the volume on an outgoing song, with a music bed on a second fader, and the next song on the third fader. The 4th fader is used to cue or audition audio files.

The Arrakis APEX radio automation allows you to connect to one, or as many networked studios as you like. Record your voice tracks, change your schedules, or manage all of your audio libraries from a single PC. Have audio files that you want to go to only one station? The Arrakis APEX will do that too. Or maybe you want a handful of files to go to 3 of your 10 stations. No problem. All this is done through the APEX-Tools software.

The Arrakis APEX radio automation comes standard with complete hard disk automation. This means that you have music scheduling, live assist, voice tracking and fully automated schedules. You even get a 4 output, 1 input professional sound card (Hard Disk only).

Do you do satellite automation or ball games? Then you will want to choose the Arrakis APEX satellite automation package. This includes a 16 channel switcher that connects directly to your satellite switcher, or relay box. With Harmony hardware and APEX software, you get the ability to stream satellite feeds live, or even record your shows or news for later playback.

The Arrakis APEX uses a standard VPN, APEX automation gives you complete control over your automation. Whether you want to give remote DJ's access to voice track, or import shows, or if you want to modify your schedule or audio libraries; you will have complete remote control.