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OMB YAV3 Broadband Directional Antenna


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OMB YAV3 4KW Broadband Directional Antenna (7/8")
OMB YAV3 4KW 2-Bay Broadband Directional Antenna (7/8"IN, 1 5/8"OUT)
OMB YAV3 8KW 4-Bay Broadband Directional Antenna (1 5/8"IN, 7/8"OUT)


The YAV3 FM Yagi broadband broadcast antenna from OMB provides +4.5dB of gain in a highly directional pattern with a large bandwidth. It operates across the FM band without any tuning. The OMB YAV3 has a typical SWR of 1.2:1. It handles up to 4000 watts with 7/8" flange connector. It can be used in the horizontal or vertical polarization modes. The OMB YAV3 provides a front to back ratio of >18dB!
Employs DC grounding for maximum protection against lightning discharge.
The OMB YAV3 is perfect for use in areas where the FM broadband antenna will be located near large obstructions such as buildings, trees or mountains. The OMB YAV3 is constructed of high-grade stainless steel which is highly resistant to harsh weather conditions. The OMB YAV3 is proven to ensure a stable RF field.
*Includes mounting brackets for use with any tower or mast
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