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DEVA Broadcast DB44 Compact FM Receiver

DEVA Broadcast DB44 Compact FM Receiver
PN: DB44

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After demodulating the FM signal, the MPX signal is digitalized and all signal processing is then made through calculations. Digitizing in this way, at the input gives the equipment measurement reproducibility over time. Digital filter accuracy, used in the DEVA DB44, enables the FM multiplex signal’s components to be accurately and repeatedly reproduced from one device to another, i.e. same signal applied to two devices will give the same result. The processing power in the DEVA DB44 enables all measurements to be refreshed simultaneously and synchronously, thereby allowing for detailed readings of all the Multiplex FM signal components.
DEVA DB44 allows you through its TCP/IP and GSM Connectivity to monitor all the RDS and some other signal parameters from anywhere. The DEVA DB44 allows you to easily receive the channel status or listen to the audio from anywhere, using your mobile phone. With the built-in Audio Streamer you can even listen to, skim and record the audio from any station. DEVA DB44 is Deva Broadcast's most cost effective unit for permanent monitoring of the quality and continuity FM Radio Stations or Radio Networks.
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