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Decade MS100 Part 15 FM Transmitters


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Decade Part 15 Mono Low Power FM Transmitter
PN: MS100
Decade Part 15 Stereo Low Power FM Transmitter
PN: MS100S


The Decade MS100 (mono) and MS100-S (stereo) are professional quality, FCC part-15 approved, FM transmitters operating in the FM broadcast band (88 - 108 MHz). Both can be used in a wide variety of applications in sound re-enforcement, informative, and short range FM broadcasting. Decade's outstanding RF and audio performance, rock solid frequency stability, reliability and versatility make them the highest quality Part 15 FM transmitters available.
Both Decade units feature rear panel frequency selection and "Bass Boost" mode for thundering low end. Includes front panel volume control and peak signal indicator which allows you to match a wide variety of audio sources. The Decade MS100-S features fully digital stereo generator circuitry which provides a stereo separation of greater than 45dB!
*Import Duties & Taxes may apply
Full 1 Year Warranty
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