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Comet CFM95SL 5/8 Wave FM Antenna

Comet CFM95SL 5/8 Wave FM Antenna

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The Comet CFM is normally $99.95 but for a limited time the CFM95SL Antenna is only $89.99!
The Comet Antenna CFM95SL is a professional quality, commercial grade 5/8 wave FM broadcast antenna that offers 3.4 dBi of gain and a power handling capability of 200 Watts. The wind rating is 97 mph.
The Comet CFM antenna for FM broadcasting was designed with the needs of the low power broadcaster (LPFM) in mind, the Comet CFM95SL FM broadcast antenna provides exceptional quality and performance with an unbeatable CFM95SL Comet antenna price.
Beware of other CFM 95SL "knock-off" brands that claim to be the Comet CFM95SL antenna advertised at a lower price. There is only one original Comet CFM95SL FM antenna, and this is it!
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