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July 2019

Progressive Concepts in the USA has released a brand new catalog! Fill out our "Catalog Request Form" to get your copy TODAY!

July 2017

Progressive Concepts in the USA is now the Master Distributor of Radiologik Radio DJ Automation Software for the entire United States. Radiologik is the best serious choice or radio automation on the Mac. Radiologik allows your station to be very intelligently programmed with pre-recorded dynamic voicework selection or for seamless transition to live work so you can set it up to play unattended indefinitely or step in any time. It includes multiple audio outputs for on-air and off-air work, over 25 distinct players, a variety of publishing options for services and devices, MIDI surface support, iTunes integration, AppleScript support, advertising scheduling, and scheduling accuracy to the second naturally. Radiologik is advanced logic in radio presentation. Radiologik also offers D&R Airlite and D&R Airence mixing board support.

July 2017

Progressive Concepts in the USA is now the Master Distributor of all D&R Broadcast Mixing Boards & Consoles for the entire United States. Progressive Concepts stocks and sells D&R Broadcast Mixing Boards & Consoles such as:

D&R Airlite, D&R Airlab, D&R Airmate, D&R Airence, D&R Lyra and D&R Aircast Software.

Contact Progressive Concepts in the USA for more information on D&R products.

July 2017

If you own a BW Broadcast original TX series FM Transmitter or V2 FM transmitter and need to have it repaired, Progressive Concepts can repair it for you.

Simply call Progressive Concepts to obtain an RMA number. It's that easy!

Once we receive your BW Broadcast FM Transmitter at our shop, we will evaluate the damage and give you an estimate for the cost of the repair. Our estimates are fair and accurate, so you won't be charged any more than the original estimate even if we find more problems once we begin the repair.

Progressive Concepts can repair most any model of BW Broadcast FM Transmitter quickly. Most repairs can be done in one day! That means you get your transmitter back fast!

Give Progressive Concepts a call today to get your BW TX series FM transmitter fixed quickly and cost effectively...

November 2016

Welcome to Progressive Concepts' NEW Website

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April 2016

Progressive Concepts' New 2016-2017 Catalog is here! If you wish to receive your FREE copy of our catalog please fill out our "Newsletter Sign Up" form!

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January 2015

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December 2015

Progressive Concepts announces our new finance program. Financing your LPFM station is now available from Progressive Concepts partner business. Call Progressive Concepts today for more information on how to acquire financing for your LPFM station. (630)736-9822.


November 2015

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Progressive Concepts is now giving away a free Coffee Mug with any order of $250 or more for the entire months of November and December 2015. Contact Progressive Concepts for more details.

March 2015
Progressive Concepts announces our newly available "Lay-Away" Program. Many of the new LPFM stations which have recently received their CP (Construction Permit) from the FCC are in the process of raising funds to pay for their equipment. Progressive's new "Lay-Away" program allows those customers to make payments on the LPFM equipment they need so that they don't have to make the entire purchase in one full payment. Contact Progressive for more details.
February 2015
Industry News - Progressive Concepts - LPFM-Pack
Progressive Concepts introduces new LPFM Transmitter Package Deals. Contact Progressive Concepts for more details.
Progressive Concepts is also offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders for the entire month of February! (some restrictions may apply).
Contact Progressive Concepts for details.
August 2014
Brand New 2015 Catalog has been printed!
They have been mailed out. Check your mailbox for your copy coming very soon! If you are not already on our mailing list, sign up today....   It's easy, just click the link on our web site (to the left) to sign up for our email newsletter and you will automatically be on our mail list to receive a copy of the printed catalog!
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July 2014
Progressive Concepts is now shipping it's brand new PCP (Progressive's Circularly Polarized) antenna. The antenna is made of stainless steel with a teflon insulator. The PCP model antennas are perfect for use on LPFM stations! Factory tuned to your frequency at NO CHARGE!
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June 2014
WASHINGTON, DC - The FCC has proposed to change the rules which regulate the EAS. The changes are aimed at increasingg the reliability and the security of the current system. Working closely with CSRIC (The Communications Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council) the FCC is looking at ways to prevent cyber attacks through the implementation of strickter security standards.
April 2014
Progressive Concepts, a Worldwide Leader and supplier of FM Radio Broadcast Equipment announces their brand new Broadband Circular Polarized FM Antenna Systems.
The "CIRPA" model antenna can handle power levels of 2KW per bay and may be stacked to achieve higher gain and to handle up to 4KW of input power. Progressive's new CIRPA model antennas are constructed of HIGH GRADE STAINLESS STEEL and employ a Teflon insulator on the gamma match. 2KW systems have a 7/16" DIN connector while 4KW arrays have 7/8" EIA Flange connectors on the power divider. DC grounding provides excellent protection from lighting discharges.
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Progressive Concepts is offering these brand new broadband antennas at incredibly low introductory level pricing.
February 2014
Great News!
The FCC has begun to issue contruction permits for LPFM stations. They will be continuing to issue permits for the next several months.
Progressive Concepts has all the LPFM equipment you need to get your station OnAir. Furthermore, Progressive Concepts is now offering a special LPFM promotional discount! When you order any LPFM transmitter and at least three additional items you will receive our special $100.00 LPFM discount.

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